Healing Sessions with Patricia

All healing sessions are priced by season:

From the day after Labor Day until June 20 ........ $150 per 60 minutes.

From June 21 until Labor Day ........ $225 per 60 minutes.

Check this webpage to find the available dates for sessions with Patricia. www.patriciaprice.weebly.com


Past-Life Regression

Regression is designed to put a new nonstressful context to an old event or situation that is held in a stressful context. Elimination of the past tension often results in improvement in the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Either a hypnotherapy approach can be used or a simpler guided meditation approach can be used. Both can be equally as effective depending on your preference. 90 minute minimum.



Patricia offers classic hypnosis and transpersonal hypnosis for dynamic results in behavior modification. She will teach you self-hypnosis and guide you to individualized healing. You must be willing to book three one hour sessions.


Awareness Dynamics Breathwork (ADB)

If you feel that you have potential happiness, health, success or prosperity that is blocked and you are looking for an easy, gentle and loving way to unblock it, then ADB is for you. ADB is a learned skill that is highly effective, and easy to learn. It is a self-development technique that enables you to reconcile and make peace with the most troubling emotions, thereby increasing your potential effectiveness and peace of mind. Patricia can teach you exactly how the process works and how to use it for yourself in independent sessions. Through the practiced use of special breathing rhythms, complete relaxation, and naturally heightened awareness, you can unblock energy patterns that have been previously suppressed (consciously or unconsciously). This means that these energy patterns and emotions no longer sap your productive energy, govern your behavior uncontrollably or limit your enjoyment of life. Experience ADB for yourself and know your full potential of happiness, health, success and prosperity.

Patricia is the author of the book, Awareness Dynamics Breathwork: the Basics of Renewal and Rebirth. Click here to order


The Results System

The Results System offers an integrative approach to wholistic healing. You and Patricia work together to decrease and eliminate stress experienced in the physical- material, mental-emotional and spiritual aspects of living by:
*The use of Kinesiology, a science of body- mind feedback, using muscle testing.
*The identification of what the stress and the order of priority that it is to be eliminated.
*The improved perception of life-energy patterns.
60 minute minimum.


Body Alignment Education

The system of body alignment is designed to teach you how to release muscle stress and energy imbalances. By special movements, kinesiology, and muscle tapping you can eliminate stress and therefore relieve physical discomfort. 15 minute minimum.


Educational Repatterning

Educational repatterning offers an integrated approach to the use of the right and left hemi- spheres of the brain. This process switches your old pattern of using one side of the brain at a time to a more uniform, more efficient, more effective bilateral use of the brain that eliminates stress internally. Patricia will use a system of integration developed by Paul Dennison, Ph.D., Joan Hulse (Thymo-Kinesiology) and Margaret Kean (The Results System) that includes:
*The identification of brain and body dominance patterns.
*The effects of brain dominance patterns on the whole person.
*Exercises to decrease learning stress and decrease coordination stress.
*The use of Kinesiology, a science of body feedback, using muscle testing.
*The identification of what the stress is & the order of priority that it is to be eliminated. 30 minute minimum.


Traditional Laying-on-of-Hands Healing and Reiki are also available.
These sessions are available at church services for a donation to the church.


House Clearing

Clear negative energy and entities of all kinds. Patricia can do this work by phone or in-person. In-person work is charged by the hour including travel time. Call and talk to Patricia for more details.

Home Office in Lily Dale 716-595-3008
Toll free 1-800-729-1444

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