Available Through the Tril-ogy Institute

Director Rev. Patricia L. Price, Registered Medium


Psychic/Mediumship Certification Program

Effective July 2008

Intuitive Linking Method
A Self-Awareness Experience in Psychic/Mediumship Development


Intuitive Linking is the learned mental skill of using the right-side of your brain and increasing your awareness, power, and productivity. Intuitive Linking is a fine tuning of your inner senses. It is an easy-to-learn self awareness technique that enables individuals to increase their personal effectiveness and peace of mind. Patricia and her assistant teachers can teach you exactly how the process works, and how to use it for yourself. Lengthy training is not necessary.

Through the practiced use of concentration, special breathing rhythms, complete relaxation and naturally heightened awareness, you can work with both sides of the brain in perfect integration, accessing energy patterns and perceptions that you had previously ignored - consciously or unconsciously. This means you no longer need to limit the full potential of your life.

Psychic/Mediumship Certification Program Information

Part I - Spiritual Unfoldment ($299)

Part II - Spiritual Self-Awareness ($299)

Part III - Mediumship:12 Lessons ($299)

Teacher's approval to continue based on open book written and phone reading tests.

Part IV - Psychic & Advanced Mediumship Certification ($399)

Total investment for the Certification Program is $1295
Please click here for the application to this program.
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Psychic/Mediumship Certification Program
Part I - Spiritual Unfoldment
Part II - Spiritual Self-Awareness
Part III - Mediumship:12 Lessons
Part IV - Psychic & Advanced
Mediumship Certification

Application for Certification Courses

For more information call
716-595-3008 or 1-800-729-1444

Email: patricia@patriciaprice.com

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